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Overview Please click here >>>> Contact us for more factory prices,shipping and discounts. Company Profile Runh Power Co
Basic Info.
Model NO. Various
Specification 1MW-660MW
Trademark RUNH
Origin China
HS Code 8402119000
Production Capacity 5-10/Year
Product Description

Please click here >>>> Contact us for more factory prices,shipping and discounts.
Company Profile

Runh Power Corporation Limited was founded in 1996 as one of the earliest independent EPC contractor of power plant and later incorporated one of the most famous turbine designer and manufacturer, Qingdao ChuangNeng Steam Turbine Co.,Ltd (better known as CNT in China). With subordinate design institute founded in 2001, Runh Power was bestowed upon the capability of providing one-step, package technical solution of thermal, hydraulic, solar, biomass power plant. Scope of service includes :A. EPC (Engineering, Purchase & Construction) project of power plant plus financing service. Power plant project on EPC basis (or "on turnkey basis") is characterized by the overall package solution provided by the contractor. Runh Power's service covers survey all the way till final acceptance.Link : 1. Thermal power plant EPC project Thermal power plants refer to power plants generating power from fossil fuel, such as coal, heavy oil or natural gas. Thermal power plant, being the most common in the world, has been a speciality of Runh Power since its very foundation. Link: 2. Biomass power plant EPC project Biomass such as bagasse, bark, straw, stalk of plants has become a good resource of fuel for power plants in the last decade. The ash is often collected and processed to fertilizer for additional economic gain. Runh Power is well experienced in building biomass power plants in Ecuador & Pakistan. Link: 3. Animal dung power plant EPC project Treatment of livestock's dung can be a real headache, especially for ranch owners or dairy farmers. However, with the help of CFB boiler provided by Runh Power, it can be good resource of fuel just as coal or biomass. Link: 4. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) power plant EPC project Other than being buried in landfill, garbage can find its way to boiler. Runh Power has profound expertise in aspects such as selection of combustible waste, eco-friendly treatment of ash, etc.Link: EPC project of Steam Turbine Island (STI) Steam turbine island refers to a steam turbine along with all the accessories and auxiliary systems, including turbo-generator set,condensation system and various sub-systems.Link: Steam turbine 1. Back pressure turbine: Best known for its simple structure, low maintenance cost and relatively high thermal efficiency.Link: 2. Condensing steam turbine : Popular for its wide range of power (3 to 60MW) and the convenience of repurposing by adding additional steam extraction exit.Link: 3. Condensing & extracting steam turbine (a.k.a cogeneration unit): welcomed for its application in power plants and cogeneration, convenience in switching between the condensing unit and cogeneration unit by simply adjusting the extraction rate.Link: 4. Condensing & double extracting steam turbine: Mostly used for cogeneration purpose. It's structure allows to to produce steam of two sets of parameters, such as temperature, pressure, flow, to be extracted from two exits for different purposes, which makes it popular in industies such as food-processing or phamarciuticals where steam of different parameters are often needed.Link: 5. Inducting steam turbine: Being able to fully exploit residual heat from steam, a byproduct in cement, food processing, etc, allows it to maximize ecomonic viability by generating power.Link: Spare parts and quick-wear parts. 1. In case the owner of power plant prefers to do maintenance independent of Runh Power's assistance, Runh Power is also glad to provide a wide range of parts, especially quick-wear parts constantly needed in regular maintenance. Link:


Vietnam 1-660MW Coal Fired Power Plant EPC Contractor


Vietnam 1-660MW Coal Fired Power Plant EPC Contractor