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Basic Info.
Model NO. Various
Specification 25 to 100 MW
Trademark Runh
Origin Shandong Province
Production Capacity Two Years on Average
Product Description
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Runh Power is a prestigious power plant contractor in China and have incorporated the technology from B&W Volund, a Dennish corporation specializing in clean energy production. Runh Power has acquired significant experience in the field of biomass energy generation and put it to field application in various domestic projects before finally started to deliver projects to global commissioners.Given the characteristics of excessive ash and possible erosion on the inner wall of boiler, following chain grate boilers are recommanded by Runh Power. Customized models are available upon the submission of detailed request.Dual-drum bagasse/bark/oil palm boiler (applicable in case operational temp. is lower than 3.8MPa)
modelrated evaporation(ton/h)operational pressure (Mpa)operational temp.ºCfeed water temp.ºCremark
SHS20-2.5/400-G202.5400104membrane wall structure
SHS65-2.5/400-G652.5400104membrane wall structure
WZ-75/3.8-G753.8450104membrane wall structure
WZ-85/3.8-G853.8450104membrane wall structure
WZ-90/3.8-G903.8450104membrane wall structure
WZ-100/3.8-G1003.8450104membrane wall structure
WZ-120/3.8-G1203.8450104membrane wall structure
WZ-130/3.8-G1303.8450104membrane wall structure

Fluidized Circulation Bed boiler provided by Runh Power is recommended for the operation of biomass power plant, due to it high thermal efficiency.
Link : http://runhpower.en.made-in-china.com/product/kBQmZVExRzRt/China-Coal-Firing-Circulating-Fluidized-Bed-Steam-Boiler-for-Power-Supply.html
Technical features of chain grate boiler include:1. simple structure: its simple structure gives its the advantage of low production/maintenance cost, low weight, among many others. 2. Simple operation: due to its simple structure, chain grate boiler is also characterized by low malfunctionality, high reliablity.3. Minimal fuel loss: chain grate boiler provided by Runh Power has the least amount of fuel loss, air leakage, or stray ash.4. Stable burning: air is blown from air chamers in each section set along the grate, for the optimal consumption of coal.5. High thermal efficiency: themal loss caused by insufficient burning (Q2) and exhaust (Q4) is reduced to minimal level, which is the reason that its thermal efficiency is sufficiently higher than that of others.

For commissioning Runh Power a project of power plant, following documents are required for the approval of foreign investment. With at least PPA and Feasibility Report in place, Runh Power is able to help the commissioner to secure private investment or loan from the state bank.
-1) Power Purchase Agreement (For independent power producers only) -2) Feasibility report (In case that there is none, designers and engineers can be dispatched to compile one at the expense of commissioner.)-3) Sovereign bonds (If sovereign bonds are acquired and the commissioner has 15 % of capital need for the project, Runh Power could start the project while engaging China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation)-4) Construction Permit (optional)-5) Fire permit (optional)-6) Environmental impact assessment (optional)-7) Land Lease (optional)-8) Power Generation Power (optional)-9) Other documents deemed helpful (optional)

Runh Power is dedicated to provide package service covering from end to end of a construction project of power plant.Services included in an EPC project unfolds in the following order, which also constitutes Runh Power's scope of service.1.The Argumentation of Project a. Verification of documents submitted b. Audition of documents by the authority c. Signing the contract2. Engineering Design a. Selection of a complete set of equipment according to the request or Runh Power's recommandation. b. Design of overall layout and all the sub-systems within the parameter of power plant. c. Selection of personnel participating in the project d. Submission of technical solution to the commissioner for review and approval.3.Equipment Purchase& Transportation a.Turbo Generator Set and its auxiliary systems (boiler, condensing water collector, deaerator, high pressure and low pressure superheaters, power distribution system. etc ) b. All the construction material, tools, spare parts and other necessities of the project4. Civil Construction a. All the civil construction work within the parameter of power plant5. Operation & Maintenance a. Operation of power plant (technical counseling) (Optional) b.Regular maintenance and inspection (Optional) c.Technical Training Program for Power Plant Personnel (Optional) d.General Overhaul (Optional)6. Installation & Testing a.Installation & testing for all systems & equipment provided by Runh Power b.Installation, testing & trail run of all systems of a power plant (Optional) c.Installation, testing & trail run of entire power plant (Optional)7. Supply of Spare Parts a. Long-term supply of spare parts and other consumibles.(Optional)Notice: EPS service, which refers to Engineering, Purchase & Supervision of Construction,is also available at your request, in case you prefer local construction contractor to international contractor.Click the links below to view more products&services of Runh Power:
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