GE upgrading 800 MW power plant
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GE upgrading 800 MW power plant

May 28, 2023

By Jack Burke06 July 2023

The modernization is expected to enhance the performance of two GT26 gas turbines through advanced technologies from the combination of GE’s H-Class and F-Class fleets with additive manufactured parts and innovations in aerodynamics

GE Vernova’ Gas Power business will help modernize the 800 MW Coryton Power Plant near London.

The combined cycle power plant, located 30 miles east of London on the River Thames, is powered by two GT26 gas turbines. The upgrades will be installed in 2025.

GE’s HE upgrade utilizes technology breakthroughs across gas turbine, compressor and combustor that will help Coryton Power Plant deliver approximately an additional 77 MW of power output, increase the units’ efficiency, and extend ongoing maintenance intervals. In addition, the modernization is expected to result in a reduction of approximately 67,500 tonnes equivalent of carbon emissions each year, in line with the government’s goals to lower the carbon footprint in the country, by requiring less fuel to produce the same amount of power compared to the plant’s current output.

“Ar InterGen we continue to invest in the energy transition by boosting flexible generation to ensure the stability of grids as renewable generation increases, while developing advanced solutions that keep the lights on, at a manageable cost for our customers—and we see GE as a reliable player and technological innovator to drive these goals forward,” said Jim Lightfoot, InterGen’s CEO. “We selected GE’s HE upgrade because of its excellent part load efficiency and its fuel-flexible combustion system. With this innovative upgrade, we expect that our power station will benefit from improved efficiency and increased output, in line with our goals.”

GE said it has invested significantly in the development of this upgrade, which was introduced in 2019. This technology combines the best from both GE’s F- and H-Class fleets with additive manufactured parts and innovations in aerodynamics, material science and combustion dynamics—and provides a leap forward in efficiency, output and maintenance interval extensions. Six GT26 units upgraded with the HE are already in operation with more than 47,000 operating hours.

“Once installed in 2025, this project will mark our tenth HE upgrade and our customers including InterGen continue to reap the benefits from this advanced upgrade for the GT26 fleet,” said Joseph Anis, President & CEO, Europe, Middle East & Africa at GE Gas Power.